Photo Grid – Shortcode

This shortcodes displays a photo gallery. Shortcode Description Options number This is the amount of items displayed per page. Any number order Ascending or Descending order. ASC or DESC cols Number of cols per row. two-cols, three-cols, four-cols    display_name This is the photo’s name yes or no

Registration Form – Shortcode

This shortcodes displays the registration form. Shortcode Description Options redirect_to Users will be taken to a custom page after registration. Any URL form_id Set your custom form with custom fields. Form ID placeholders yes or no form_header_text Custom Text

Getting Started with Member Pages

UsersControl is easy to install, you only need to create the basic pages. LOGIN PAGE: Just create a new page a make sure you have added this shortcode: [userscontrol_user_login] You should see a page like this: REGISTRATION PAGE: Just create a new page a make sure you have added this shortcode: [userscontrol_user_login] The registration page … Read more

Installing Users Control Pro Version

You have to login to your UsersControl account here Then click on the Plugins link You will have to download the Licence plugin, which allows you to validate your plugin. Login to your WordPress Admin and upload the plugin, then activate it. CREATING A LICENCE KEY: At your UsersControl account you will have to click … Read more

How To Create a Custom Field?

Go to Users Control – Custom Fields option. Then click on Add New Fields button. You will have to set a type: It can be “Form Field” or “Separator”. Click on the Drop/Down list box. You will see the available options.IMPORTANT: Custom Meta Key must to be unique, example: “my_custom_field”.Click on the Submit button and … Read more

How To Send E-mails Via SMTP?

UsersControl offers the capability to send emails via SMTP, which is the recommended and safer way to send emails. You can activate this feature by clicking on Notifications link. 1) Set the Mailer option to SMTP. 2) Set SMTP host, username and password. IMPORTANT: Make sure you’re setting the right HOST and SMTP PORT

Troubleshooting Theme & Plugin Conflicts

Sometimes there are conflicts between our plugin and either your theme or another plugin. Please follow the guidelines below to determine details about any conflicts for further troubleshooting. Testing for Theme conflicts: To rule out a theme conflict, you’ll first need to temporarily activate a WordPress default (stock) theme like Twenty Fifteen. Then clear your … Read more